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Dr Talat Hameed Choudhry was born in Pakistan in June 1962.

He attended the Village School in Pakistan and attended a school in the Montgomery district in his high school years. His mother always did house duties and his father did farming. They had a farm house and a city house which were eighteen miles apart. Week days were spent at the city house whilst weekends were spent in the country.

They travelled ten miles by train and the last eight miles on horse back. Dr Choudhry and his wife (married 7th March 1986) both prefer country lifestyles. They have two adult children (one son and one daughter) whom are both married and live in England. “My wife is specialised in home duties and is the best cook. She loves painting and sketching” Dr Choudhry says with pride. He states strongly that she has been the reason behind his success with his studying and working.

Dr Choudhry loved the Arts but his grandmother and mother had the opinion he should become a doctor because he was performing well. (Parents used to choose subjects for their children to study). He was worried about seeing sick people all the time but his grandmother explained to him how he could help to make sick people better.

He left Pakistan in 1991 with Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery qualifications and two years working in the Rural Centre to his credit. He then left for England followed by moving to Zimbabwe in 1994. There he worked in Bulawayo which is the second largest city of Zimbabwe.

In 1995 Dr Choudhry started work in South Africa, working in the inner city and rural areas.

Later he went to Port Elizabeth and worked in a mental health specialised hospital. There he obtained a diploma in Mental Health.

South Africa was becoming very political with racial tensions becoming progressively stronger so Dr Choudhry considered moving to Canada or Australia. In 2002 he and his wife decided Australia was to become their home. He began working in Mental Health Unit at Rockhampton Bass Hospital before moving to Mount Morgan in 2003. He and his wife lived in Mount Morgan at the time and are hoping to move back to live in the near future. “I would like some land to put some horses” Dr Choudhry says with a grin.

An impressive amount of study and experience has given Dr Choudhry a vast insight into today’s ailments and he is always eager to learn about new treatments, diseases and cures. He is studying part time to complete his Master in Dermatology course and has a special interest in Mental Health issues especially in the areas of depression and anxiety. He has worked in a diverse psychiatric hospital in South Africa that covered child psychiatry, forensic psychiatry and much more and has also worked as a Medical Superintendant at a district hospital in South Africa.

When asked how Dr Choudhry would explain himself to others he says “I’m a humble doctor. I love my patients and I try to help them always. Sometimes in medicine you can’t cure but you can always listen and help.” He went on to say “I’m very lucky that I have good staff. General practice is team work from the receptionists and nurses to the doctors. I have a senior practice manager, a nurse that has family here and our latest receptionist is very knowledgeable about the area and the people.”

His brother, along with the owner of the building where the practice is situated at 41 Morgan Street with his staff, all made it possible for Dr Choudhry to come back to the town he loves, to start his own practice. He appreciates their efforts enormously and also thanks the patients who have registered with the practice for their loyal support.

An entire book could be written about Dr Choudhry’s interesting life but one article is never enough to cover everything. In future issues of The Argus it is hoped more of this man’s life can be shared with Mount Morgan.

- Profile and photograph by Heather Quarry, supplied to the Mount Morgan Argus -