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Mount Morgan is the perfect place to visit and many who visit here make the decision to stay and make it their home. Drashti is one of these people.

Born in India (August 1984) Drashti has accomplished many things in her young life. Her mother, a housewife and her father a farmer, both still in India, have been supportive of her coming to Australia. She attended the National School in India and loved mathematics.

Drashti has four sisters, one younger than herself and two older. When asked about sport she laughs “Sometimes I like it but it depends on my mood. I like outdoor cricket”.

From early childhood Drashti has always loved painting, handy craft work and making up flowers. She has enjoyed many aspects of craft work and says with pride that she is self taught.

Always wanting to go to foreign countries, Drashti was thankful they taught English in India. She learned the English language whilst in college. After three years hair dressing training in India, she furthered her qualifications with two years in Sydney and now works in a hair dressing salon in Mount Morgan which she loves with a passion.

Drashti’s husband is also from India and they have one little girl named Aarvi. Drashti believes it is important for her daughter to be taught both cultures.

Drashti wears western clothes most of the time now she lives in Australia. Once a year she wears her traditional clothes. India’s New Year celebrations span over five days, some times in October and sometimes in November. Traditional clothing is worn at this time. “I want to settle down here to live here my whole life because I like it here and I love Australia” she says with a big smile. In their home they speak their own language but believe English should be used when out in the community.

“I love to my job. I enjoy it too much” Drashti explains when asked about her long term goals. She loves cutting, colouring and foils and wants to learn new things all the time, but for her salon she wants to do what the people ask for. Mount Morgan residents have welcomed her to the town and she enjoys the interaction with them on a daily basis. Drashti has completed Certificates three and four as well as a
Diploma in Salon Management. She has also completed a Business Management Course and is currently a Level Five hair dresser.

Drashti found the hairdressing job on the internet. After applying she was asked to come for an interview and was pleased when she could get to work at the hairdressing salon in Morgan Street. Her husband’s field of expertise is computers specialising in IT. “We are renting a place in Mount Morgan at the moment and enjoy it here. The people here are very nice, and when they talk they are very polite. I feel they are nice people here”.

Coming to Mount Morgan from Sydney Drashti found it very quiet after the rushed lifestyles she found in Sydney. She loves the quietness of the town and is looking forward to settling down here long term.

Drashti says people can call in anytime to meet her and say hi. She likes to meet new people. Later on she is thinking of maybe hiring someone part time to help her in the salon but for now is happy to continue working the way she is. Where possible she enjoys taking time out to speak with her clientele and answer any questions they may have. As this interview came to a close Drashti wanted people to know she is pleased with how she has been accepted into the community and thanks the people of Mount Morgan for their friendly nature.

- Profile and photograph by Heather Quarry, supplied to the Mount Morgan Argus -