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2011 has passed and 2012 is laid out before us to enjoy new experiences, meet new people, to catch up with old friends or start new hobbies or maybe a new business adventure. Whichever direction you choose, there are limitless opportunities that are obtainable in the very town you live in. Mount Morgan is home to great history, great talent and great community spirit when it is really needed.

Kerri-Anne Percival is one of our locals who has enjoyed many aspects of living in Mount Morgan over the past eight years.

Born in Penrith, N.S.W on the thirteenth of March, 1970, Kerri-Anne had a busy childhood shared with two brothers and three sisters. Softball was the sport of choice for her and one of her sisters, playing on a weekly basis. When asked about her fondest memories from childhood Kerri-Anne smiles as she says “Going to Nan’s place every weekend, barbecues on a regular basis, outings, yearly holidays, fishing and swimming.” She remembers her busy childhood with a sense of family pride.

Kerri-Anne’s dad worked on council for many years as well as being a bus driver. He also worked as the RSL Manager in Penrith. Her mum was a ‘stay at home mum’ for a few years before commencing employment at Edward’s Bakery which was a family owned bakery. “We’d go down there (to the bakery) and mum would pack our school lunches from there” Kerri-Anne recalls.

Attending Penrith High School, Kerri-Anne loved sewing and cooking, achieved a distinction in Mathematics and came first in woodwork and metal work which she loved. With English she says she could “take it or leave it”.

Kerri-Anne has five adult children from her first marriage and a three year old daughter, Juanita, from her second. She is also the proud grandmother of three grandchildren, and twins on the way to bring the total to five in the near future. Her and Wayne (her second husband) married twelve years ago. “Wayne was my very first school aged boyfriend going back twenty odd years ago” she laughs. “His sister and I were best friends but I didn’t know he was her brother ‘til years later.” Wayne and Kerri-Anne met again in late 1999.

In the eight years Kerri-Anne has resided in Mount Morgan she has enjoyed her employment opportunities. Working at the Jon Carni Aged Care Facility in various rolls she was able to display her unique versatility by being cook, hairdresser, carer and activities officer at different times.

With a wide range of experience and certificates in so many fields over the years, her employment choices have been vast and interesting. Her and Wayne both hold strong family values as well as being very business minded people which shows in the work choices they have made.

They own a Signs and Promotional Products business which they work together. Whilst Wayne is out working at the mines as a shot firer, Kerri-Anne gets the work orders ready for Wayne to produce the signage when he is home. They work extremely well as a tag team. Kerri-Anne also leases her front window for advertising, encouraging people to advertise via this window as the proceeds go to the local museum.

In addition to Kerri-Anne being a housewife, mother and joint business owner she is also a Sales Agent for Raine and Horne (Real Estate) Rockhampton. She says she loves fully supporting the local Mount Morgan area any way possible. They live next door to the Golden Nugget Hotel which has proved an ideal spot. With the home being situated at the back of the business it works well for their busy lifestyle.

When asked about the highlights in Mount Morgan for Kerri-Anne she says how much she loves small country towns. Getting to know the locals in the Mount has been a rewarding experience. Her and Wayne both like socialising with the town folk. They have seen many new people move into town and love it when ideas from the newer population and the mainstays of the town work well together. They are strong viewed when it comes to locals supporting locals and love hearing of businesses supporting each other for the good of the town.

There are many more interesting aspects to Kerri-Anne’s life that hopefully we will be able to report in a future edition of People in Profile. Until that time, may she continue to expand her horizons and enjoy each experience she has the opportunity of trying.

Pictured: Juanita and Kerri-Anne.

- Profile and photograph by Heather Quarry, supplied to the Mount Morgan Argus 2012 -