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Media: Community Profile Picture

With such a vast generation span across Mount Morgan it is wonderful having the opportunity to speak with
community members from all age groups.

Lawrence Hayes, born at the Base Hospital in Rockhampton on 31st of January, 1990 has lived in
Rockhampton, Biloela and Mount Morgan. He plans on moving to Sydney in the future for a couple of years and would like to visit America for a couple of weeks to go shopping for different fashion brands. Lawrie attended Mount Morgan Central State School and Mount Morgan High School. He says school was ok and when asked what he liked most he happily replied “Friends and annoying teachers”. When asked about what he liked least, he laughingly said “The work. School was basically a social event”.

Lawrie has five brothers and four sisters ranging in age from twenty six years to seven years. He spoke with pride when speaking about himself and his older brothers helping out with the younger children when they could. When Lawrie was younger he loved running a muck and making a lot of noise. He states it was just silly things all kids get up to. He would like to see more community based programs for the youth of Mount Morgan because he believes since the closure of the youth centre the number of break-ins has increased. He would like to see more community after school activities and night watchers to decrease this problem. Lawrie also believes there needs to be more punishment dealt through the courts when people do the wrong thing.

On Lawrie’s hands there are a few Star tattoos. He is rightfully proud of their significance. “I have a thing for stars and decided to get one for every family member that’s died.”

For the past six years Lawrie has been fulfilling his career path in nursing at the Mount Morgan Hospital. “I’m trained as an Assistant in Nursing (AIN) so I do a lot of work in Aged Care.” Lawrie has worked in other areas of the hospital as well but says he generally likes working with the aged citizens. He has an amazing respect for the elderly members of the town’s community. In June/July he is also starting his course to become an Enrolled Endorsed Nurse (EN) which gives him a wider range of nursing activities to be involved in.

Being community minded, Lawrie has attended, and on occasion helped organise many social events that are
entirely for fundraising purposes for good causes. He would like to help steer kids away from violence and drugs, and he feels strongly about the community being helpful to each other. “We need more adult supervised community based programs where we have the elderly of the town, we have the middle range, we have teenagers and the little diaper rashes all working together for the good of Mount Morgan’s future”.

He would like to see all generations coming together. “We need to close the gap between the teenagers and the elderly” Lawrie declares.

Lawrie has a fascinating way of keeping himself amused and making others around him smile.

He is a cross-dresser and says it is fun and gives people a laugh. He laughs a lot when asked about his different sense of dress. “I can be fun and annoying and a little bit loud at times. Dressing up is quite fun. I do it just for fun. People say I’m a drag queen and I say I’m not. I walk around in 6 inch heels and fishnet stockings and love it. Some people say I can walk in heels better than others”. He has been asked to do this as a career and has thought about it but no decision has been made.

Lawrie rarely goes out to have an alcoholic night out. Maybe once a fortnight he’ll go out for an enjoyable night.. He says he tries not to drink beer. When asked about natural disasters such as floods,
fires and earthquakes Lawrie says he would like to see people try to save a lot of energy and “go green, be a tree hugger”. He believes an important thing to do in natural disasters is to help yourselves and always try to help others.

Lawrie is pleased that the youth of Mount Morgan are being profiled as well as the older citizens because he feels it may help to bridge the gap between generations. He is hoping it will help the teenagers understand the older population as well as helping the older folk understand teenagers a little more. He would love to see a lot of discussion groups including all age groups together.

Music wise, Lawrie likes New Age music but enjoys times listening to Country music as well.

He has played soccer, football, a little bit of netball and swims when he can. Lawrie has an all round community spirit and for a twenty one year old, has been involved in many projects and hopes to be involved in more in the future.

His final words for this interview were “Live life to its fullest. Get out there and help people where you can and just enjoy life”.

- Profile and photograph by Heather Quarry, supplied to the Mount Morgan Argus -