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Camille Steinberger was born in Moura on the 11th of February 1988 and moved to Mount Morgan when she was eight years old. Reflecting back on that time Camille remembers “It was Christmas and the end of year three when we moved here.”

She is the youngest of six children with four sisters – Rebecca, Eloise, Samantha and Heike, and one brother – Matthew. Her family lived in several areas before moving to Mount Morgan because of her father’s work transfers. She continued her education at the local State School from year four through to year seven, moving then to the local High School to complete her school life.

When asked if she was into sporting activities Camille laughingly replies “I was but not really now. I used to like netball but sadly don’t really play much anymore.”

She has always loved writing and delved in a variety of writing styles when younger. Even as a young child Camille seemed destined to work in the field of writing and public relations. Starting her own childhood newspaper (The Steinberger Statement) Camille recalls “my poor family had to pay (10 cents) to read about their own happenings.” Her mum still has some of those early newspapers. The kitchen was also her area when Camille was in primary school. “I remember I would sometimes have my own café in the kitchen where I would try and get the family to pay to eat their own food. I think I must have been an annoying kid. It was fun for me but would probably have been pretty annoying for my family, having to pay for their own breakfast” she states with an innocent laugh.

Some of Camille’s best childhood memories were of trips to the Mount for holidays. Her parents bought a house in the town approximately thirty years ago and would bring the family to Mount Morgan for occasional weekends and school holidays. They had a small bus at the time and the family, the cats, dogs, (along with the fishing rods) all came to the Mount for Christmas.

Her leisure time is enjoyed mostly relaxing with her family and boyfriend Scott – who she met in her final years of high school. Close friendships are also important to Camille and she enjoys the fact that her early friendships from school have continued into her adult life. Camille is planning a trip overseas with one of those close friends and her friend’s family next year. An exciting time for Camille as the time gets closer to leave on their adventure. Another interest Camille has is motorbikes. She doesn’t own one but says she would like to one day.

Not one for being idle, Camille studied part time for her Bachelor of E-Journalism at Central Queensland University (graduating last year) whilst working at the local supermarket in Mount Morgan.
Camille began her employment at the local supermarket when she was fifteen years old and enjoyed her seven years working there with great staff as well as community interaction.

Towards the end of her time at Uni Camille did a Desktop Publishing course with one of the tasks being to design a possible logo for an organisation. Her tutor (who worked in the organisation chosen) was so impressed with Camille’s logo and some of her ideas she worked with Camille on drafts to be presented. Her logo was chosen and is now used for the Central Queensland Local Government Association. After finishing the final practical section of her course at the CQLGA she was given an employment contract with them which helped hone the marketing skills she still enjoys so much today.

In recent times, penning articles is still something Camille totally enjoys, plus it is a large part of her working criteria. Versatility is apparent in her working life today as much as it is in her social arena. Not only does she currently work as Project Officer for Mount Morgan Promotion and Development Inc. (a place where she loves the team efforts of the volunteers and everyone involved), she also joined her family’s business as a Tour Guide for Mount Morgan Guided TMC Tours last year.

“I really enjoy being able to assist with projects which are community focused.” Camille said on her position as Project Officer. “And I find the tours great - it helps you see Mount Morgan in a different light. You see things all the time but when you are with people regularly that haven’t seen it before, you become more grateful for what is here” she explains with a passion for the town she calls home – (purchasing her own home here in Mount Morgan a couple of years ago).

Her approach to life and her ambition to achieve positive outcomes in all she does is refreshing. In the future there will be hopefully another article on Camille as she is one truly remarkable role model for the youth of today.

- Profile and photograph by Heather Quarry, supplied to the Mount Morgan Argus -