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An interesting aspect of life is how often things change and how many directions it can take you. Some find their ultimate goal early. Others prefer to take on varied challenges before deciding where they truly wish to be. Brian and Carol Glover both chose to experience different paths, before finding their vocation in their field of expertise.

Brian Gordon Glover was born at the Rockhampton Base Hospital on the fourteenth of December, 1948. “In 1963 I moved to Mount Morgan from Rannes (outside Wowan) where dad worked on a cattle property. Cooper Downs it was. I moved down here to go to high school then we moved back to Rockhampton in 1964” he says, reflecting on those earlier years. In 1967 Brian again moved back to Mount Morgan before joining the Army in 1969 after an April 12th wedding a week before. He spent three and a half months in the army before being discharged for medical reasons. Brian was a commercial salesman on the road for fifteen years, selling a variety of products over that time throughout the vast areas of Central Queensland. He has been employed as a storeman/driver, as well as contract mustering and ploughing. Brian also worked a few years in the Mount Morgan Mine.

Carol Anne Glover (nee Turner) was born on the twenty third of July 1949 at the Mount Morgan Hospital. “I was born up here on the hill in Mount Morgan. I am a true Mount Morganite” she says with great pride. Laughingly she says “Brian’s an import”.

Carol attended the local Central State School, then continued on to Mount Morgan High. After finishing her education she worked as a telephonist at the Mount Morgan Exchange (on the Central Street side of the Mount Morgan Post Office), staying there until the phone service went automatic. After having three children Carol still went back to do holiday relief work.

Brian and Carol have three daughters, Karen (married with nine year old twins), Julie (married with five children) and Tracey who lives with her parents. All three girls went to school in Mount Morgan. Carol was always a stay-at-home mum helping with tuckshop and reading in the schools. The girls were involved in swimming, pony and soccer clubs as they grew up which kept them occupied. Brian and Carol have always been supportive of the girls and helped them with their achievements. Brian has also been involved in numerous committees both in the school environment and within the greater community and has awards for his efforts which he shows with enormous pride.

A rented flat in James Street was Brian and Carol’s first home together, and after Brian came out of the Army they bought the house they still live in today.

After being given the opportunity to work for a funeral home which he totally enjoyed, Brian began working full time for them, and became the agent for Mount Morgan.

The chance to start such a business in the Mount arose and Fitzroy Funerals was born. For the first twelve months it was based totally in Mount Morgan but the need to move to Rockhampton became apparent. Brian and Carol opened their office in 99 Musgrave Street and stayed there for approximately four years before buying the office in 187 Musgrave Street. They owned Fitzroy Funerals for seventeen years before deciding it was time to sell, but still cater for the families of Mount Morgan as agents for the new owners. They both appreciate the interaction with families and sincerely care for the needs of those that have lost loved ones.

Since selling the business Brian and Carol have had the chance to travel to New Zealand and Tasmania which they believe they could not have done if they were still working full time.

There is enough information to write another article on this family orientated, community minded couple and hopefully in the future that will be possible.

- Profile and photograph by Heather Quarry, supplied to the Mount Morgan Argus -