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The Mount Morgan Central State School boasts some of the most committed and dedicated teachers who work very hard to give Mt Morgan students the best education that is possible.

More information is available by visiting the School Website: Mount Morgan Central State School

Quick fact: On May 16, 1887, the Central State School opened as a mixed school for boys and girls. By June 1887, 115 pupils attended the school. By 1898 the enrollment had risen to over 1100 and in August 1898 the school became a boys school as the Girls and Infants Primary School was opened on August 15 1898. On January 1, 1929, the Central State School reverted to a mixed school as the Girls School closed down due to the decreased attendance caused by the closure of the mine.

Mount Morgan Central State School

Mt Morgan Central State School
44 Morgan Street
Mt Morgan 4714 

Contact Details:
Phone Number: (07) 49125333
E-mail: (07) 49125300