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Greer Burgess (nee Marsh), born in April 1972 in Brisbane, has loved her life’s experiences living in Queensland.

Her mum was ill in the later stages of pregnancy and needed to be in Brisbane for the birth of Greer. Her parents lived on the Sunshine Coast at the time. Greer has one brother who was born in January1974 in the middle of the floods. Her dad was on his way to Gladstone when he found out her brother had been born so turned around and went all the way back home.

Greer grew up at Tannum Sands and laughingly states “they were the days when only the poor families lived there because the rich folk didn’t like the mozzies. We lived about five hundred metres from the beach (Wild Cattle Creek)”. She remembers her early childhood and how the small community of Tannum Sands only had about a dozen houses. “It was a small fishing village and people visited and camped on the beach a lot in summer” she reflects.

She attended Benaraby State School in her primary school years and spent her high school years at Gladstone, excelling in English and History. Journalism was the path she always wanted to follow when finishing school because she did well with photography and story writing. Having a vast and varied array of interests, Greer enjoys many activities from writing, photography, camping and kayaking. She is very much a nature person that feels most comfortable outdoors. She was a Nipper for the Surf Life Savers. “I always won every year because I was the only girl” she chuckles. A keen tennis player, Greer started taking coaching lessons when she was in grade five. She continued with tennis until a couple of years ago when she finally gave it up because of injuries.

Greer was working in Road Safety with Queensland Transport and was involved in running A Young Driver Program in a couple of high schools and one of them was Mount Morgan a few years ago. They came up once a week to The Green Shed to mentor the children through the learning process. Every time Greer came to Mount Morgan she really enjoyed it and says the group was excellent. “They were caring and considerate kids who looked out for each other. The more I came up here, the more I liked it” she says with pride.

It was around this time Greer and her husband, Ray (a plumber for Fitzroy River Water) decided to buy their own home. She learned a lot about the schools through the eyes of the children, thanks to the children in the Young Driver Program, and was impressed by their positive attitudes about Mount Morgan’s school system. Greer and Ray have three children (Bree 14, Luke 20 and Shinade 22). Five years ago this year, they made the permanent move to the Mount and have never looked back. Coming from a small town himself, Ray really loves living in Mount Morgan. “We both love the peace and quiet, and living close to a major city so we don’t feel isolated. Everything is close and convenient.”

Most of Greer’s time is nature based. She walks a lot of trails with her dogs and loves the clear views she has found around Mount Morgan. The changing light and shadows constantly give her new perspectives and inner peace when walking. Despite much of her spare time being in a seemingly solitude like state she never feels alone. She loves her kayaking and owns her own kayak which is poly-resin based and light-weight making it easy to move when walking between water holes. Greer, her hubby and a couple of their friends often take off for new adventures in the kayaks around different parts of Central Queensland. Finding new tracks and water holes has been a continued adventure for her. She loves swimming and enjoys a dip in the local dam. She is also a member of an off-track bushwalking group. Photograph wise, Greer loves photographing landscapes. She says “I really suck at taking portrait photos”.

When asked what positives Greer would like to see grow in the town, she says she would love to see more young aspirational families coming in. She enjoys working in the Mount Morgan Customer Service Centre, Queensland Government Agency (QGAP), for The Rockhampton Regional Council. It gives her a chance to see the needs of people in the town and she finds the friendly clientele a pleasure to be working for. She has been with the Council since 2008 and says she is very lucky to be able to work for Gracemere and Mount Morgan areas.

There is much more to Greer and one article can not possibly cover it, but the extracts here of her life give you an idea of how down to earth she is. If you (the reader) know of anybody you would like seen featured in this section of your local paper please let the girls know at the MMPAD Office or contact me on 0438 135 213. The only stipulation for the Profile Page is that the people interviewed must live within the Mount Morgan boundaries.

- Profile and photograph by Heather Quarry, supplied to the Mount Morgan Argus -